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Creative Tourism in Destinations via Digital Marketing

Creative tourism emerged from cultural tourism, creating interesting activities in different destinations and other types of tourism, and active participation in these activities. With the development of technology and the increasing level of prosperity, the use of digital media in organizing or promoting different activities is a very important and easy method for creative tourists. They can make quick and effective decisions to choose the most suitable destination to travel by getting to know other tourists experiences that travel with the same purpose through digital environments. Creative tourists are thought to explore the destinations they will travel by using digital channels such as social media, internet browsers, or share their experiences about the destination where they have travelled. In this study, creative tourism and digital marketing concepts are introduced and mentioned the relationship between them. According to the research, it was determined that digital channels are important to promote creative destinations and it is foreseen that the creative tourism movement will develop in digital ways. As a result, the digital environment has been proposed to make creative tourism more suitable for the use of creative tourists and to take important steps in the promotion and marketing activities of creative tourism. Keywords - Digital Marketing, Creative Tourism, Promote, Digital Channels