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Application of Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Human Resource Management Practices – A Conceptual Framework

Though, Artificial Intelligence (AI) concept has been around for a while but it gained popularity recently. AI technologies are growing relentlessly and constantly and experts believe that now is the right time to permeate AI into almost all fields and functional areas and forge AI as a real sophisticated tool in the hands of humans. Having in mind the above points, the study proposes a conceptual framework of state-of-the art AI technologies currently being used in IT industry and its application in human resource practices. An attempt has been made to synchronize human resource management functions such as planning, recruitment, training, performance management, decision making, employee engagement and work-life balance with its potential corresponding AI technology applications. Information from relevant books, websites, reports, working papers, magazines, conceptual papers, various peer reviewed journal articles are used to explore the concept. Keywords - Artificial Intelligence Subsets and Technologies, Human Resource Management Practices, Application of AI In HR.