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Antecedents of Online Shopping Experience and Satisfaction in South Africa

Online shopping continues to grow in many parts of the world and this provides an opportunity for market expansion especially in emerging markets such asSouth Africa. When compared to 1st world economies,online shopping in South Africa is relatively still in its infancy. Furthermore, very little research exists within South Africa detailing the antecedents of online shopping experience and satisfaction. The customer experience is fundamental to the success of online shopping businesses. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the antecedentsof online shopping experience and satisfaction in South Africa.A convenience, snowball sampling, and online survey method was adopted to obtain 215 usable questionnaires from respondents. The quantitative research paradigm was utilised to analyse the data using statistical methods.The findings indicate that “Escapism”, and “EstheticEntertainment” were precursors ofonline shopping experience. Further statistical evidence revealed that there is a positive relationship between escapism and shoppers’ satisfaction. A positive relationship was also found between “Esthetic Entertainment” and shoppers’ satisfaction. Online retailers can usethe established antecedents to enhance theircompetitiveness in the industry. Keywords - Esthetics, Entertainment, Online Shopping Experience; Satisfaction, South Africa