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Impact of Transactional Leadership on Employee’s Job Performance: An Applied Study of Private Schools in Alexandria, Egypt

The target of this research is for determining if transactional leadership has an impact on employee’s job performance .It also demonstrates that employee satisfaction has the mediator's influence. Study tracking survey design, quantitative analysis method is used. The analysis is based on the initial data generated by a structured multivariate leadership questionnaire (MLQ-short).Job Satisfaction Survey(J.S.S, Spector) for employee satisfaction.(IWP)to measure performance employee. For the purpose data will be collected from several private schools in five departments of education in Alexandria. Responses to research data are scaled and converted to quantitative data. The SPSS program is used to analyze data and extract quantitative results, using the AMOS program. The validity of hypotheses and the validity of the proposed model are studied. Keywords - Transactional Leadership, Employee’s Job Performance, Employee’s Job Satisfaction