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Electronic Word of Mouth and its Effects on Consumer Purchase Intention in the Egyptian Real Estate

The focus of this research is investigate the Electronic Word of Mouth Effects on Consumer Purchase Intention in the Egyptian Real Estate Firms, word-of-mouth has shifted to the digitalized world and a new term has been developed, namely electronic word-of-mouth. Electronic word-of-mouth has been recognized to generate the same benefits to companies as word-of-mouth. Due to the growth of the Internet and social networking sites, electronic word-of-mouth has the power to reach more people and is therefore perceived as more influential. This makes electronic word-of-mouth along with social networking sites, two concepts to acknowledge. Thus, for companies to make the most out of them, they need to gain the necessary knowledge. The objectives of the study are to identify the types of’ social media affecting consumer purchasing intention, to develop theoretical models to explain the determinants of eWOM information on social media which influence consumers’ purchase intentions, to empirically assess the relationships hypothesized in the theoretical models in order to answer research questions. And to draw theoretical contributions and managerial implications for academics and practitioners in regard to the influence of eWOM in social media on consumers’ purchase intentions., the methodology based on quantitative analysis by using a questionnaire tools to gather required data. The result also indicates that all five hypotheses were supported by model structural equation model analyses using AMOS Ver 25, The main conclusions drawn from this study are the Electronic Word of Mouth has significant positive effect on Consumer Purchase Intention in the Egyptian Real Estate Firms. Finally, the study found that the variables (Brand Trust, Brand Image) have Moderation effect between Electronic Word of Mouth Effects and Consumer Purchase. Keywords - eWOM, purchase intentions, Brand Trust, Brand Image, Real Estate