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Product Placement in Sit-Com: Evidences from Eye Tracking

Since 1982 when the one of the most successful product placements appeared in ET movie, marketers have kept on adopting this strategy in various media channels. Among those, research studies indicated that product placement in the situation comedy (Sit-com) is the most effectiveness. In the case of Thailand, there are 5 styles of product placement appearing in the Sitcom. This study aims to examine which styles are the most effective in terms of brand awareness and recognition. The 3.18 minute sit-com with motorcycle placement was shown to a total of 30 men, daily motorcycle rider. An eye tracking program was adopted while participants watched the sitcom. Following this, sin depth interviews were conducted with each motorcycle riders. The results show that Honda is a top of mind of the majority participants. Product placement in the sitcom leads to brand recognition but not the brand recall. Keywords - Brand Awareness, Brand Recognition, Eye Tracking, Product Placement