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Barriers to Implementation of Sustainable Construction Practice in Jordan

In spite of the importance, the actual situation of sustainable construction has not received much interest in developing countries, such as Jordan. This study aims to point out the barriers to sustainable construction practice and specify the most important barriers to sustainable construction practice in Jordan from the point of view of the main stakeholders. A questionnaire survey was used for data collection. A total of 130 questionnaires were distributed to major construction industry stakeholders based in Amman and other major cities in this country. Replies from 68 establishments were received. Ranking of the significant barriers was carried out based on the Relative Importance Index. The study revealed that the three most significant barriers affecting the sustainable construction in Jordan are planning for the required projects is not comprehensive followed by shortage of experienced and professional knowledge, and shortage of financing for these projects. The outcomes of the study comply with many international studies carried out in developing and developed countries. Keywords - Barriers, Construction projects, Jordan, Sustainability.