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Building up the Language Abilities through Reading and Writing in EFL Settings: Better Practices

In a highly digital epoch, it is recognized that being equipped with reading and writing abilities is extremely fundamental to functioning in today’s world. In the area of foreign language education, students overflow with plenty of information to enrich their knowledge, refine their linguistic and communicative aptitudes, and thus enhance their language level. Yet, despite the array of technological learning means that they have at their disposal , reading and writing will always remain the major pedagogical tools that help them better gain these qualifications. This study, attempted to explore if English as a foreign language (EFL) learners can ameliorate their language competencies through reinforcing their reading and writing skills. Findings demonstrated that the utilized techniques had the potential to establish an active learning environment, augment motivation, encourage autonomous learning, and embellish critical thinking. Keywords - EFL Learners - Language Abilities - Reading – Writing - Critical Thinking