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Kuwaiti Bachelor Nursing Student’s Perception and Practices on Hand Hygiene (HH)

Hygiene plays an important role in hospitals, it helps prevent infections and the crossing of microorganisms. The purpose of this current study is to investigate Kuwaiti nursing student’s perceptions and practices on hand hygiene. This study employed a quantitative method using a questionnaire survey to gather data from 66 bachelor nursing students. The questionnaire consisted of a total of16 variables that can identify perceptions and practices of student nurses which are as follows: 1) Knowledge, 2) Beliefs, 3) Practices, 4) Importance, 5) Lectures, 6) Tutorials, 7) Clinical setting, 8) Demonstration, 9) Practical laboratories, 10) Videos, 11) Textbooks,12) Internet, 13) Research articles, 14) Published guidelines, 15) Effectiveness of teaching strategies, 16) Importance of hand hygiene in curriculum. The results of the current study demonstrated that the majorityofstudent nurses are aware of hand hygiene and have positive beliefs on hand hygiene. Also, the results of the study found that they have practiced hand hygiene clinically and academically; and they were aware of the effectiveness of hand hygiene teaching strategies. Keywords - Nursing Students, Hand Hygiene, Education