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The Cyber Bullying Recognition and Literacy of Youth in Thailand

This research aimed to study 1) the awareness of cyber bullying and social media behavior 2) the cyber bullying and social media literacy level 3) the factors influencing cyber bullying. The quantitative research was carried out by conducting 400 questionnaires from randomly selected groups of youth in Bangkok. Data were analyzed with descriptive statistics including percentage, mean, standard deviation, and multiple regression analysis. The results revealed that the sample group had a high level of awareness and level of media literacy. The most conspicuous issue was the importance of accessing all information on Facebook or IG (mean = 3.88, S.D. = 0.92) at a high level. Factors that influence cyber bullying is: 1) Posting or sending messages to show the exclusion of individual or groups from online societies, 2) Using email or SMS or line to forward rumors, gossip or news not true. The subject of cyber bullying is: 1) being used by others to harass you about sexual misconduct, such as prostitution, through online chatting; 2) being sent or sent by someone else to hurt; 3) Being posted or forwarded to your personal post that you do not want to publish. Keywords - Cyber Bullying, Media Literacy, Information Technology