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Maternal Mortalityand Access To Primary Health Care In Niger East Senatorial Zone, Niger State

The state of maternal mortality health is an important indicator of health care delivery system and society level of development. Improvement in maternal health is, therefore a central focus in global health programmes. Despite efforts by government at all levels and its partners maternal mortality remains worrisome in Nigeria. The general objective of the study was to examine maternal mortality and access to Primary Health care in Niger East Senatorial Zone of Niger State. The study adopted a cross sectional survey design using multi-stage sampling methods to achieve the required sample size of one thousand four hundred and forty five (1,445) respondents. Questionnaires were administered to women of reproductive age (15-49 years), who are currently married. Data were analysed using descriptive and chi-square (X2) statistics. The findings of the study reveal that: socio-economic index, level of education, who takes decision on health matter, income and age were identified as determinant of access to maternal health service in PHC. Women in households with high socioeconomic index are more likely to access maternal health services in PHC than those in households with low socioeconomic index (p<.001). furthermore, women in households where men monopolized decision making are less likely to access maternal health services in PHC than women where joint decision are taken (p<.001). The higher the level of education of a women the greater her access to maternal health services in PHC (p<.001). Finally, the study showed that there is high prevalence of maternal mortality rate in the study area, PHC facilities are not adequate to handle maternal health services, poverty is identified as one of the major barriers in access maternal health services and high illiteracy level among women is also responsible for inability to access maternal health services in PHC. Keywords- Maternal, Maternal Mortality, Access, Primary Health care, Antenatal.