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Impact of Local Culture on Medical Ethics, Iran Case

The development and spread of technology in the field of Biological and therapeutic issues have placed the medical community ahead of the doctor and the patient, whose satisfactory solution is not possible without a proper understanding of the philosophical and religious approaches in the field of ethics. Medical ethics and its criteria are important for a medical decision especially in case of death and life. The ancient Persian texts contain a lot of themes that can be modern and innovative even for modern humans. The most important moral values of Iranian ancient medical books are trusteeship, openness to patients, kindness, sacrifice, truthfulness, patient secrecy, benevolence, helping financially suffering patients, prescribing an abortion drug, prescribing a dangerous drug and generosity. The emphasis on these values continues to this day, and education and research in various fields of biology and medicine are of interest to researchers. In the works of Iranian Muslims, especially Mohammad-bin-Zakaria Razi, important points can be summarized in three main section: ethical standards in personality of doctors, in research affairs, and in relationship between patients and doctors. Global ethics is considered to be united and unconventional, in contrast to the domestic ethos of various societies, and includes norms generally accepted by the international community. This article explain that local medical ethics is one of the good references to enhance international medical ethics. Keywords - Criteria, Ethics, Global Ethics, International Community, Iranian Ancient Medical Books, Local Medical Ethics