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“A Feast of Ideas”: Thetransarea Approach in "the Philosopher and the Animals”, Ofelizabeth Costello, by J. M. Coetzee

This paper aims to present a study of the literary work Elizabeth Costello, by J. M. Coetzee, published in 2003. The novel deals with travels and lectures given by the fictional writer Elizabeth Costello, revealing issues related to her personal, academic and professional life. The work has eight chapters and one postscript, each chapter bears the name of lectures that the writer pronounced at events held around the world. For this analysis, the focus is in one chapter: "The Philosophers and the Animals”, in which the writer refers to the philosophical language of Aristotle, Descartes, Augustine, Kant, among others. The chapter depicts two issues related to the concept of TransArea, addressed by the theoretician Ottmar Ette (2016). The first, thinking the concept as something that goes beyond geographical borders, since the writer lives in movement, moving among territories and second, by crossing the frontiers of literature by addressing philosophical, social and scientific aspects in her lectures, giving them a transdisciplinary character. In this sense, in the analysis predominates the idea of space not as something static, but rather marked by movements among territories and areas. Through Coetzee's work, it is emphasized Ottmar Ette's conception that literature produces knowledge capable of changing the understanding of the world. Keywords - TransArea. Elizabeth Costello. Social studies. Coetzee