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Assessment Level of E-learning style of Education on academic performance of undergraduate students of National Open University of Nigeria: A case study of Yenagoa study Centre, Bayelsa State of Nigeria

The paper focused on the assessment level of e-learning on the academic achievement of students of National Open University of Nigeria. The paper used National Open University, Yenegoa study Centre as a case study. The paper adopted a descriptive survey research design in selecting Two hundred (200) students of the University who were used for the study. Two research questions and two hypotheses were constructed and formulated to guide the cause of the study. At the same time, students’ oral interview was also adopted to illicit information from the respondents. Data collected were analyzed using t-test statistical method of data analysis. The study revealed that some of the students have knowledge of Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills prior to their admission into the University, though not very competent. The study also revealed that e-learning style of education has greatly improved the academic performance of students in National Open University Education progamme. The study revealed some challenges affecting e-learning programme in the University, challenges such as:-Inadequate infrastructure, unsteady electricity light, insufficient e-learning facilities such as Computer, Soft wares.Based on the findings, recommendations were made: • Conducive learning environment to be provided • E-learning facilities such as computers to be increased and provided. Keywords - Assessment Level, E- Learning, style of Education, Academic performance, undergraduate, Students.