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Availability and Accessibility of E-Learning Facilities in Niger Delta University of Nigeria for Quality Learning in a Globalized Society

The paper tried to examine the availability and accessibility of E-learning facilities of students and staff in Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State of Nigeria. Descriptive survey research method was adopted in selecting Two Hundred (200) undergraduate students from the University who were used for the study. Two research questions were formulated to guide the cause of the study. Data collected were analyzed using t-test statistical method. Findings from the study revealed that: • E-Learning facilities are available, but not quite adequate in the school. • The class or lecture halls/rooms do not have e-learning facilities inside. • Both staff and students are at liberty to access the computers in the section of e-learning library. • Light is not always available to enable the students and staff to access the e-learning facilities at will. Recommendations were made, such as: • Provision of more e-learning facilities for students and staff of the University. Improvement of light system in the University. Keywords - Availability, Accessibility, Facilities, E-learning, Quality learning, Globalized Society.