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Detection of the Content of Some Toxic and Narcotic Alkaloids in: Lycium Deserti Phil and Hyosyamus Albus

Atropine, Nicotine and Hyoscine are Alkaloids produced by plants from the family Solanaceae as a secondary metabolite and which have an intense physiological action on animals even at low doses. The main source of Atropine, and Hyoscine alkaloids is the Datura spp wile the main source of Nicotine are Nicotiana spp. This study focuses on detecting the presence of Hyoscine, Atropine and Nicotine in other plant species from the family solanceae other than their known sources, namely the Hyosyamus spp, the Lycium spp. Plant parts (stem. leaves. fruit and roots) were chromatographicly analyzed using TLC and GCMS techniques. Results were compared with results of same analysis for authentic standards of targeted alkaloids. It was conclude that Hyosyamus spp can be a good source for Atropine and Hyoscine for industrial use. The Lycium spp dos not contain addictive alkaloids and also do not contain significant concentration of toxic alkaloids such as Nicotine; it can be utilized for chemical, food and livestock feeding industries. Keywords - Solanaceae family, Atropine, Hyoscine, Nicotine, Alkaloids extraction, GCMS analysis, TLC ,medical industry, Chemical industry,