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Detection of Oil Spill Pollution on Water Surface using Microwave Remote Sensing Techniques by Experimental Work

Oil spill pollution is a major threat to ecosystem of different water surfaces, therefor many researches and resources were deployed and still to monitor and detect oil spills on water surfaces. Ocean and river pollution monitoring mainly oil spills is performed by using microwave energy due to its ability to operate during day and night and its capability of penetration through fog and clouds, therefor this study is focused on the mechanism and parameters used to detect oil spills through microwave energy. In this study experimental work conducted to detect Iraqi crude oil characteristics by microwave energy and find the radar cross area values of the Iraqi oil and other materials as well that commonly exist in the same medium with the crude oil on water surfaces. The results and data set produced is very useful to further researches on the same field as no previous researches were conducted on the same field with data set. Keywords - Oil Spill Pollution, Microwave Energy, Iraqi Crude Oil, Radar Cross Section