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Influence of Natural and Anthropogenic Factors on the Effects of Climate Change Induced Flooding in Lokoja Urban Centre

The incidences of flooding are increasing in different parts of the world owing to climate change while natural and anthropogenic factors are exacerbating the damaging effects of these floods. This study aimed to identify the influence of these factors on the effects of climate change induced flooding in Lokoja urban centre with the objective of ascertaining the exacerbation of the vulnerability of Lokoja urban centre to the effects of flooding occasioned by climate change through these factors. Primary data for the study were sourced through 800 copies of questionnaire administered in the survey research. Data analysis was performed and the hypothesis was tested with the stepwise regression analysis. Findings revealed that there are natural and anthropogenic factors that exacerbate the vulnerability of Lokoja to the effects of climate change. The natural factor is distance of house from edge of Meme/Niger River which had p-value of 0.033 and the anthropogenic factors are improper land use pattern and condition/design of drains with 0.000 and 0.032 p-values respectively. It is suggested that; further building development along the banks of the Niger and Meme rivers should be prohibited for the avoidance of loss of life and property, the state Urban Planning and Development Board should promote and enforce appropriate land use by building developers in the study area and additional surface drainage channels should be provided while the channels that are already silted and blocked should be cleaned to allow for controlled free flow of rainwater across the study area. Keywords - Climate Change, Natural Factors, Anthropogenic Factors, Flooding.