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Role of Cover Crops and Mulches on Weed Management in Corn (Zea mays)

Corn (Zea mays) is a cereal crop that is part of the grass family and an incredibly important edible crop around the world. Weeds are one of the greatest limiting factors which reduce the efficiency of maize crop production. They compete with crops for nutrients, soil moisture, solar radiation and space; used as host for another insect and pathogen. There are different ways of managing weeds and increasing corn crop production and quality. Among those cover crops and mulches have been used for centuries and their environmental concern have paved the way for more exploration and the refinement of their use in the future. Mulches and cover crops can control and suppress weeds. Therefore, the main aim of this review is to investigate the effects of cover crop and mulches in weed management of maize crop. In the future investigation of factor affecting effectiveness of mulches and cover crops on weed control need due consideration. Studies on the effects of cover crops on weed seed production and predation and on seed mortality in soils are rare.Soil test should be considered for the availability of nutrient in the soil and weed seed before application. The evidence related to the response of on perennial weed responses to cover crops is very rare; therefore, they need deep consideration in the future. Keywords - Maize, Cover crops, Mulches, weed management