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Value of Course “Doing Business in Russia and CIS” for Students at Business Schools: Impact on their Competencies and Future Skills

Background: There is incredible profit potentials from conducting business in Russia, Kazakhstan, and other ex-Soviet Union Republics in Central Asia and Europe; however, the vast majority of European business schools especially in Spain lack a program teaching how to open and run a successful business in former Soviet Union Republics and Russia. Incorporating a class about the popular trend of doing business in Russia and CIS (Commonwealth in Independent States) among European Graduate Business schools teaching economics has the potential to positively impact business school graduates. Methods: A literature search identified a lack of information regarding the topic “Doing business in Russia and Commonwealth in Independent states” in European business schools. Because of the shortage of literature to inform the course, a faculty with personal experience conducting business in that region developed a new course “Doing business in Russia and CIS” for Master degree students of the Global Business School Barcelona (GBSB). Results: two credits elective course was developed. 10 students took the class. Feedback of this 1 semester course collected from students taking and passing it was very positive. Conclusion: In the framework of globalization, Russian market is one of the perspective arenas for ongoing investment. Future businessmen learning how to conduct business in that region provide an advantage to building a successful career Keywords - Management Education, Doing Business, Higher Schools, Russia, CIS