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Example of Cross-Disciplinary Approach in Education

Engineering education in the modern world requires a cross-disciplinary approach in order to better prepare learners for diverse and complex problems that engineers need to solve in a real industrial environment. In this paper, the process of the development of a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine is presented. CNC machines are commonly used for a variety of engineering manufacturing applications in many modern industries. It is, therefore, considered particularly important that students from various engineering streams be given adequate exposure to modern CNC machines, their design, programming and control. As a result of this project, a cost-effective CNC router with the application of engraving was developed. The CNC router can also be used as an educational tool to teach junior students or school learners the basics of modern manufacturing machines and systems. The synergetic combination of mechanical, electrical and software engineering is evident in the design of the CNC router. The design process follows the systems engineering approach to teach learners to adhere to the classical engineering methods and apply correct design tools and software. Following all the steps, from design to implementation and to testing, students can better understand the complexity and interdependability of tasks in engineering. Keywords - Training and Education, Design, Engineering, CNC Machines