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Architecture Design Network Monitoring System on Network Security Agencies the Government of Bengkulu Province using Web Traffic Filtering

To resolve the access of irrelevant websites in a company on a computer network, a network system constructed using the Web Traffic Filtering Method on the Mikrotik router. Mikrotik is a router device and an operating system that can be used as an Internet network traffic regulator with rules set and agreed. The Technical specifications needed to design a network monitoring system by implementing a simulation and realization of a variable comparison test such as the website link in WinBox Application, configuration rules access-list network monitoring system is in the Layer 7 Protocol feature in WinBox Applications and monitoring process for the function and performance of LAN ( Local Area Network ) in the dude application by licensed Mikrotik. The result of the study was used to conduct an analysis of the network security agency monitoring system to the handling of Internet access rights with the rules of filter rules permit or deny of Bengkulu Province. Keywords - Network Monitoring System, Traffic Filtering, Network Security Agency of Bengkulu Provincial Government, The Dude and WinBox Application, Layer7 Protocol