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Informal Business and Rural-to-Urban Migration, Hatch Box for Child Labor

In a world where economic growth and the quest for escaping poverty is high, rural-to-urban migrationis considered as the direct outcome of the economic growth. The migration in-turn contributes to formation of a huge informal business sector which again acts as a hatch box for Child Labor. This has always been a serious challenge for developing countries and continue to be so unless they start addressing the challenge as an integral part of the macroeconomic design. This paper analyzes the interdependence between Rural-to-Urban Migration and Informal Business, and again analyzes the severity to which Informal Business exploits Child Labor. 46% of Informal Business in the geographical areas of this survey use Child Labor and 88% of the children in the Informal Business were migrated from Rural settings to seek better life leaving their families behind. 37% of the children in the Informal Businesses do not go any formal education, while 84% of those going to formal education attend evening classes, which is considered lower quality and esteem an education deserves. Keywords - Child Labor, Informal Business, Rural-to-Urban Migration, Economic Growth