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The Effect of the Ethical Atmosphere on Job Satisfaction with the Mediating Role of Political Behavior and Moral Leadership

The positive ethical atmosphere in today's competitive world is not only indispensable for the growth of organizations, but also for their survival. Today's organizations need to improve the job satisfaction of employees, and employees with a high level of job satisfaction show a lower inclination to leave their jobs. The banking industry is no exception to this as one of the most fundamental social institutions and ethical atmosphere, political behavior, and ethical leadership are the key to their success. The main purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of the ethical atmosphere, political behavior, and ethical leadership on job satisfaction. The presen¬¬¬t research is applied in terms of purpose and in terms of collecting data is descriptive - survey and is of correlation type. To achieve this purpose, a sample of banking industry managers has been selected and surveyed. The statistical population of this study is 137 people of managers of the banking industry. The sample size of 107 people was determined by simple random sampling method. The collected data were analyzed by structural equation modeling with partial least squares approach. Research findings show that the ethical atmosphere has a positive and significant influence on job satisfaction and affects ethical leadership, but it does not affect job satisfaction through political behavior and ethical leadership. Keywords - Ethical Atmosphere, Political Behavior, Ethical Leadership, Job Satisfaction¬¬¬.