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How to Improve the Intentions towards the use of ICTs in the Banking Sector by the Elderly People in the City of Medellin?

Today's world is characterized by constant development of organizations, which is why, in order to be competitive, companies must be at the forefront of technology, attentive to everything that provides improvements and profitability for their businesses. In this sense, is use of this technology by the elderly people is a little behind, as it is a public that takes little risks to make use of new technologies and even more when it has to do with their money. This research is carried out in order to identify the relationships between the determining factors of the intentions toward the use of ICTs in the banking sector in the city of Medellín by older adults. Primary sources of information were used from surveys of older adults in the city of Medellín. Among the results, it is detailed that the older adult has very few intentions of using technological means to carry out their banking diligences, this is because they are used to a long time ago to use the physical places to make sure that their diligences are successful and do not present difficulties, they do not risk to use the virtual means because it generates fear and distrust to them; to visit the physical branches is a custom of which they do not want to give up. Index Terms—Information and communication technologies, banking services, elderly people, intention, technology adoption. Keywords - Managing Risk, Corporate Social Responsibility, Banking and Finance, E-commerce.