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Crossing Cultures: A Non-indigenous Teacher Teaching Indigenous Students Music

This cross-cultural study aims to understand how a non-indigenous teacher teaches music at an indigenous school. A qualitative case study was adopted to portray the teaching context and phenomenon. The study participants were a non-indigenous teacher and 14 sixth-grade indigenous students. The result found the non-indigenous teacher’s teaching materials included a textbook and additional tribal songs. The teacher employed cultural responsive teaching in which he adopted the indigenous students' strengths of imitation learning from oral culture to achieve the academic requirements of cognitive learning. Moreover, the non-indigenous teacher's arrangement of seating in a semicircle seating, reflecting the indigenous students’ background preferring non-formal learning, benefited teacher-student interactions and supported indigenous students to perform in front of the others. Keywords - Indigenous Music Culture, Cross-Culture, Music Education for Indigenous Students, Seating Arrangement, Teacher - Student Interaction