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Self-Expression as a Mechanism for High Performance in a Business Environment

Business practices influences employee's interest andwillingness to positively committheir effort towards organizational success. The change in business practicescan be more sustainable by incorporating self-expression as a mechanism todeepen the understanding about the impact in an interactive work environment.To improve freedom of expression of employee in a work environment requires an urgent change in business management approach.Self-expression has become more attractiveto enhance business activitiesand italso standout as a potential way to improve business performance and enhance employee’s relationship. Experience-based interaction and sharing of employee’s view positively improves skillsand increases productivity. In an attempt to improve business practices, this review focuses on the role of self-expression in improvingorganizational process relative to ethical leadership, business practices, organizational environment and business culture. Social change, employee’s motivation and productivity can be improved through self-expression and to share importantknowledge and develop essential skill for organizational growth. Keywords - Business Practice, Business Culture, Motivation, Employee, Productivity, Self-Expression.