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Designing Of An Aerofoil Blades With 2-D Geometry

The overall operating cost of the modern aerofoil blade is greatly influenced by the durability of hot section components operating at high temperatures. In turbine operating conditions, some defects may occur which can decrease hot section life. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the complete design of an aerofoil blade, along with a model of an improved Blade capable of resting FOD. All the calculation covered in the present paper is based on some predetermined standard requirement, which may be an ideal case. Actually, aerofoil is generally preferred in high power to weight ratio requiring fields so that correct design of the blades is crucial to make the turbine work. Therefore an attempt has been taken to show the basic design, forces action on the blades, material selection for the blade, corrosion, and other damages to the blade, their prevention and other attributes key in blade design. Index Terms- Aerofoil, Blade, Design, Airflow, Aerodynamics, Gas Turbine Compressor Blade, Optimization