Paper Title
Waiting for the Future

The future of education seemed to be mostly based on online tools. Most colleges or universities either offer online courses or design the whole curriculum on distance education. Plus, the way the educators deliver the content of the courses mainly via technology even in the face to face educational settings. However, unlike earlier studies related to the state of online learning in 2000’s, which boosted online learning tools and features and how to moderate or facilitate learning and how to develop or plan for high-quality online courses or the use of technology in class, the present studies focus more on learning outcomes and pedagogical skills. The studies displaying some critics have come a little bit later that they should have and using technology has been over credited. The study shows the attitudes of English language learners’ towards the use of technology in and out of the class and their opinions how the technology use should be replaced. The effectiveness of different delivery systems in education have been discussed. The study has been conducted through a qualitative research and interviews were done with 20 students. 5 students have been interviewed individually and group discussions have been held with the 20 students. Those students have face to face education which gives rather a much room for technology in class. Also, they have their courses which are held in computer labs and they are supposed to create presentations using some online tools such as Kahoot or Quizlet. Their beliefs and future expectations will be discussed in the study. Keywords - Future, Education, Technology, Online, Effectiveness