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PBER Improvement of IEEE 802.15.4 under Multipath Rayleigh Fading Channel

Zigbee is a technology operates under IEEE 802.15.4 standard. It has been developed to define a specific set of communication protocols that support short-range, low cost and low power consumption wireless networking that are designed for control and monitoring applications. These applications are merely require security, reliability, in addition to a minimum possible amount of data rate and power consuming. This paper focuses on implementing a digital transceiver system for Zigbee sensor based on IEEE 802.15.4 and with a minimum possible amount of bit error rate (BER) for fading environments. As this standard does not provide channel equalization facility, an adaptive equalizer for multipath Rayleigh fading channel is equipped with Zigbee transceiver system. Two equalization algorithms are applied independently that are; least mean square (LMS) and Kalman equalizer. Simulation results have shown that the system has provided better performance in presence of LMS equalizer for signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) lies in the range -8-4 dB. However, Kalman equalizer has achieved well signal recovery in presence of noise. Based on the mean square of error (MSE), Kalman equalizer was capable of errors converging faster than the LMS equalizer. Keywords - Adaptive equalizers; BER; IEEE 802.15.4; Kalman filter; Multipath Rayleigh Fading.