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A Review of Internet of Things for Water Resource Management With GIS

A modern day in the preservation of the environment is one of the topics in society. Water takes the lead in this area. Water is a limited source in the world. We can propose a model for water resource management and water loss for this issue. For efficient water use, we need to manage resources by using modern technologies. ArcGIS can be used for simulation and prediction for water resource management. WebGIS is used to map finite data and providers. Hydraulics and Hydrology based on Geological system Water Resource Management systems as well as government projects and environmental projects. Specially water pollution, water management system and decision making. ArcGIS, WebGIS, Arc Hydro, partial analysis of data and database technologies, communication media are used in this system for various technologies. urrently, the decision support system based on the IOT with most popular GIS technologies can use for water management, water consumption, decision making and water management decisions. This review also discusses above this things. Keywords - Water Resources Management; Water Resource Information; Geographic Information System (GIS); ArcGIS; WebGIS; Hydrology; Surface Water; Web Mapping Services; Internet of Things; Database Technology( SQL Server); Water Decision Support System.