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The Intercultural Communication Competence of Employees in an International Technology Company

This study aims to investigate the awareness of the employees of an international technology company regarding their intercultural communication competence. The study also explores the relationships among the employees’ demographic data and their intercultural communication competence.The participants of the study were 113 multi-nationality employees working in an international technology company in Thailand. Data were collected using a self-assessment questionnaire and semi-structured interviews for investigating the employees’ self-awareness of their intercultural communication competence. The statistics used in this study were descriptive statistics and the Pearson Chi-Square Test. The results indicated that the multi-nationality employees reported having high levels of competency in terms ofintercultural communication, and thefindings can be used as a guideline for training and developing the intercultural communication competence of people that work in international business firms or students that are interested in working in international businesses. This study can help them understand different cultures and raise their cultural awareness of divergent cultures. Keywords - Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Communication Competence, Multi-Nationality Employees