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Investigating EFL College Learners’ Attitudes and Difficulties in Mastery Transitional Expressions in Writing Skills

This study aims at Identifying the constructions in which learners face difficulty in recognizing and producing transition expressions to help them master the difficulty they encounter and improve their performance in writing paragraphs.. To achieve the aims of the study, null hypotheses have been put on after being subjected to experiment. The population of this study consists of all the MA linguistics students of the Department of English, at the College of Education / Misan University for the academic year 2018-2019.The total number of those students is (20 )male and female . Fifteen students are randomly chosen as the sample of this study. The sample is randomly distributed as follow: (10) students for the purpose of experimental group, and (5) students for the purpose of pilot study form Basra University. during the second term of the academic year 2017-2018. . The result of this research shows that there is a difference of the output of group, during the administration of the test (Pre- test and Posttest). Keywords - Transitional Expressions, Writing Skills