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Is there any Significant Difference Between IND as & their Corresponding IAS/IFRS? A Comparative Analysis

Diverse accounting practices for business reporting across the globe results in non-comparability, lack of transparency, lack of understandability, lack of relevance and lack of reliability of financial reporting information. Due to increasing cross-border business, and global capital market, it has become imperative to have a single understandable accounting reporting language. The paper attempts to study the Impact of diverse accounting practices i.e., Ind AS vis-à-vis IFRS, on Net Worth and Total Assets of Indian NASDAQ listed Multi-national companies filing their annual reports both under IFRS & under Ind AS. For the study 3 broad perspectives have been considered i.e., Depreciation (Ind AS 16/ IAS 16), Revenue (Ind AS 18/ IAS 18) and Profitability as a holistic variable.Panel data analysis model has been taken as the statistical tool to measure the impact. From the study, it was inferred thatPercentage change in amount of Depreciation, Revenue and Profit of sample companies does have a statistically significant influence on the percentage change in amount of Net Worth as well as Total Assets, under Ind AS vis-à-vis IFRS. Keywords - Ind AS, IFRS, Depreciation, Revenue, Profitability, Net Worth, Total Assets.