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A Value Chain Analysis of Business to Business To Customer (B2B2C) Cross Border E-Commerce to China for Thai Fruit Community Enterprise

In recent years, Thailand exports fresh tropical fruits to China far exceeding other countries by type and amount, accounting for 24.68% of total Chinese tropical fruits import. The Chinese market expanded rapidly since the introduction of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Thailand and China in 2003, after that Thai fruit exports to China has grown significantly. In 2009, Thailand fresh fruit export to China was worth 14.36 billion Baht, which soared up to 1.15 billion US dollars in 2016. Such growth rate has attracted many entrepreneurs in this business. The research has found that, there are two main types of business model for exporting Thai fruit to Chinese market. The first is the traditional B2B logistic model, and the second is the modern B2C e-commerce model. The research applied a value chain analysis to evaluate supply chain performance of these two models, by analyzing the value and non-value activities of the them. The result showed that, with a convenient cross-border transportation via R3A road and the rapid development of Chinese online platform, Thai Fruit Community Enterprise could have easy access to connecting with customers directly and shipping to customers with competitive price. Therefore, this paper intends to design a new business model for Fruit Community Enterprise, which is the B2B2C model. This new model not only increases the information flow efficiency by using E-commerce platform, but also reduces the logistic cost by using multi-model transportation method (including: R3A road for cross border transportation and China domestic express transportation) to deliver the products to the end customers. Keywords - Value chain Analysis, Business to Business to Customer (B2B2C),E-Commerce.