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Role of Perceived Organizational Support and Justice on Employee Turnover Intentions: Employee Engagement as Mediator

Employee turnover causes huge cost burden for any organization. It may be direct or indirect. Training cost, hiring cost, selection cost is considered as direct cost and indirect cost include loss of reputation, low employee morale.Since employees are a critical component of any organization, effort must put to increase perception of organization support and organizational justice, to make them more engaged and satisfied, which signals healthier organization and reduces employee turnover intentions, which is essential in determining organization effectiveness. In today’s competitive business environment, retaining key talented employees is a major challenge before any organization in order to compete in the real market. It is observed that managerial support having direct impact on the turnover intentions and intrinsic rewards determines the above relationship.It was suggested that, it is the responsibility of the organization to create good environment to maintain good relationship. Therefore this paper attempts to review the perceived organizational support and organizational justice as antecedents of employee turnover intentions with mediating effect of Employee Engagement. Keywords- Perceived organizational support, Organizational Justice, Employee Engagement, Employee Turnover Intentions.