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Temporal Reconstruction of Memory Evidence in Business Application

Exploration research of forensic artifacts in business applications is still at its infancy. Ability to carry out analysis of events through stages of forensic investigation can uncovers key relevant information about user input on business application. Standard forensic image processes and digital investigation procedures was carried out and likelihood of user interaction was preserved for further investigation. Achieved replicated typical business operational environment followed with image analysis. As investigated, use of forensic tools and designed methodology of users’ interaction on applications with formulated metrics applied, to find out what has happened for further investigation on seized digital evidence. Forensically, the extracted relevant information recovered are useful evidence for forensic investigators on crime and related fraud cases at hand. The research paper presented results of the quantitative assessment of user input on specific business applications and described how and why investigator ascertained evidence of incident of events concurrence in the court of law. Keywords - Application, User, Business, Information, Digital, Forensic, Input, Investigation