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Practice-Based Research Ontraditional Chinesecultural Picture Books for Southeast Asia Countries,Using "Oriental Wisdom" As An Example

In 2017, in response to the Chinese national policy of cultural aid to southeast Asia, Guangxi Normal University press published a series ofpicture books named “Oriental Wisdom”. The books have included dozens of Chinese cultural classics, such as the selection of Confucius, Lao Zi, Zhouyiand The Art of War bySun Zi, which have been translated into eight languages of the 10 southeast Asia countries. The books are illustrated with pictures and texts, and the illustrations are all finished by the teachers and students of Guangxi Art University. Its success not only shows the crystallized wisdom of Chinese philosophy and aesthetics to the world, but also verifies the feasibility of illustration workshop teaching mode, which has become a successful case of design education reform in Chinese art universities. Keywords - Chinese culture strategy in southeast Asia,traditional culturebooks, illustration, innovation on Chinese painting techniques.