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Researching of Tourism Potentials and Elements For Attracting Tourists to Con Dao Island, Vietnam

The purpose of this research is to indicate potentials for tourism development and elements attracted tourists to Con Dao island, Vietnam. This paper conducted an investigation by five Likert scale surveyed questionnaires and site observation. The questionnaires carried out a total of 140 tourists used in statistical analyses. It is showed that Con Dao is an area with rich and diverse tourism potentials, not only natural resources, but also humanities tourism resources. From the perspective of tourists, the study reveals that there are five elements attracted tourists, including: (1) Tourist resources, material and technical facilities, infrastructure and human resources; (2) Cuisine and human resources; (3) Service prices; (4) Security and safety; (5) Promotion. Also, thereby proposing some solutions to further improve the effectiveness of tourism activities on this island. Keywords- Elements for attracting tourists, tourism potentials, Con Dao island