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Consumer Acceptance of Digital Bank in Indonesia: Technology Acceptance Model

A solid development of digital technology has given a huge effect in banking industry throughout the world, including Indonesia. It is observed that Indonesian banks are now doing a major expansion of digitalization. In addition to that, the latest technology has led several banks in Indonesia to establish what is called by digital bank. In this study, digital bank refers to a bank who possess the same operating principles as traditional bank, yet it operates purely online without any physical branch. The success of digital bank is determined by the willingness of customer to accept it. Using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), this study aims to measure several factors affecting customer acceptance toward one of a digital bank in Indonesia called “Jenius”. Research into this field will improve understanding about what belief lead Indonesian customer to use this digital bank and how these beliefs influence the actual usage. A model was tested using a survey with Jenius users (n=127). The questions were tested using validity and reliability test. The next method used was regression analysis and followed by correlation analysis. The result of this study shows that perceived usefulness and perceived enjoyment were the main factors determining user acceptance of Jenius as a digital bank in Indonesia. Keywords: Digital bank, Consumer behavior, Technology Acceptance Model