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An Exploration of Language Learners’ Attitudes and Constraints in Higher Education-Take College Students in Macao as an Example

This paper intends to explore college students’ attitude and constraints towards Englishlearning after starting their new college life. In order to achieve this goal, the questionnaires were modified on the basis of the theory of planed behaviour to explore the attitude and constraints of college freshmen. A total of 470 questionnaire valid responses were collected from college freshmen in Macao.The findings confirmed that attitude and perceived behavioral control of learners were significantly related to their behavioral intention. Moreover, gender and the places of previous studying also revealed significantly differences on their attitude, perceived behavioral control, and behavioral intention. It is finally hoped that the findings of this study would provide some suggestions to language educators and learners on language learning and teaching contexts. Keywords - Theory of planed behaviour, Attitude, Constraints, Perceived behavioral control, Behavioral Intention