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Synergism of Thermal Conductivity Enhancement in Binary Polymer Matrix Binary Nano Particle Reinforced Composite

In recent years, high strength and low cost conductive polymer composites have attracted a considerable attention of worldwide researchers due to their wide range of applications. Usually, they are being made by adding high volume fraction of conductive reinforcing fine particles in polymers, which is expensive and also causes some problems as it reduces the moldability and draw ability of the composites. Binary polymer matrix with binary conductive particle reinforced composite could be a solution to overcome the challenges. This study is designed to develop a conductive binary matrix polymer composites composed of polymers of high strength (polypropylene, PP) and soft but conductivity friendly (ethylene-co-vinyl acetate, EVA) with relatively lower amount of conductive binary nano filler materials (carbon black and alumina powder). For doing this, samples were prepared by mixing all ingredients (PP 60wt%, EVA 40wt%) and their thermal conductivity values were measured. After detailed experimental study, it has been revealed that the thermal conductivity of the developed binary nano particle reinforced composite is nearly 12 times higher than that of the pure PP and 10 times higher that of pure EVA, whereas the conductivity is significantly lower if the reinforcing particles (carbon and alumina) are used separately. Keywords - Polypropylene, Ethylene-Co-Vinyl Acetate, Binary Matrix, Binary Filler, Thermal Conductivity