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Smes Business Network Between The Ksa and Japan: A Study Based on Questionnaires

Although the Arab countries represent a vital economic region owing to its natural resources and geographic location, few researches have been conducted to understanding the way business that is directed in this region. In this paper, we address this gap by introducing a concise framework directed to the keys that influence and expand the business between the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) as an Arab country and Japan as a non-Arab country in the context of Short and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We conducted a study based on questionnaires to explore the extent of business networking between the KSA and Japan to measure their willingness to cooperate with Japanese companies and capture the hindrance between the two sides. Two types of questionnaires are conducted, and interviews with CEOs of Saudi and Japanese SMEs are held, as well. The results show that Saudi companies who never dealt with the Japanese side are willing to establish networks. However, Saudi companies that already on networks with the Japanese side finds themselves reluctant to extend the networking. Index Terms - Business Network, Smes, Arab Countries, KSA, Japan.