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Windows Design & Size Through Ages and Their Influence on Indoor Environment in Egypt

Windows have been around for centuries. Through times, Windows in Different Cities were influenced by cultural and environmental principles that affect the architecture and characteristic each city. It could be remarkable through the design and size of the window which deform individual architectural styles for each historical period. This paper represents an analytical study for the influence of the through the characteristics of the windows on the quality of indoor environment of buildings .Each architectural era has its own identity which affect the design of the facades as the shape of the windows, the color, and uses. The study approves that elevation and windows of a building reflect its internal and external composition through a comparative analysis and a survey on the exterior shapes of the windows in Alexandria city in Egypt. Finally, the results can reflect the internal and external function of windows and find out a classification for the types and details of windows and also their influence on the indoor environment quality through the different periods in Egypt. Index terms- windows, indoor environment, architectural history.