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Almighty Temple Marketing Strategy Transformation Project - The Case of Huatanbaishakengwende Temple

Wende Temple was established during the period of Kangxi Emperor. With the propitious signs and energies, Wende Temple, one of the well-known Earth God temples in Taiwan, was built around Bagua Mountain. However, for over three centuries, without the new ideas, the management team of Wende Temple stuck in the traditional ways to operate the organization. The only religious activity offered by the temple to the public was worship. And, the architecture of the temple remained the same as the centuries ago. People lost the interest to visit Wende Temple. Nowadays, because the world is full of widespread information, the traditional management styles could not catch up the pace of the changes. The traditional cultures are fading away quickly. Therefore, we intended to use modern technologies and new marketing strategies to bring Wende Temple along with the traditional cultures back to the stage and make them under the spotlight. The God of Wende Temple is Fuddha, the Earth God. In almost all the images of Taiwanese traditional culture, Fuddha wears a governor gown and a black hat. However, Fuddha in Wende Temple was the only one statue in Taiwan receiving the Han-Lin governor hat honored by DaoguangEmperor. Taking this special feature as the main idea, we developed the related business strategies. First, based on the Field Research, Site Research, Questionnaire Investigation, and Strategic Matrix, we had an overall environmental and marketing feature analysis to find out the objective and subjective strengths that Wende Temple was equipped with. Then, through Expert Meeting, with the information gathered at the first step, we generated the Wende Temple marketing strategy plan. Integrating the religion, the local culture, and the needs of the local economy development, with creative activities and e-business tools, we came up with the development strategies and executive alternatives for Wende Temple. Field Research Method was used to analyze the SWOT of each temple. Site Research Method was used to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Wende Temple. Questionnaire Investigation Method was used to reveal what the believers thought about Wende Temple. Strategic Matrix Method was used to find out the development approach for Wende Temple. Our proposal, "The Project of Wende Temple Marketing Strategy Transformation", was accepted and greatly supported by Wende Temple Management Team, Changhua County Culture Affairs Bureau, and Huatan Township Administration. With the grant and human resource support from these groups, we worked together to execute this project. After one and half years, we successfully completed every task under this project, and achieved the expected goals. The experiences accumulated from this project will serve as a reference for Wende Temple future development. We sincerely hope this project enables Wende Temple an important tourism industry hotspot, and benefits our local culture development. Index Terms - Wende Temple, Earth God, Strategic Matrix, Cultural And Creative Innovation.