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Factors Affecting Air Force Cadets’ Confidence in Speaking English and Their Needs in An English Speaking Course

This study investigated the factors affecting English speaking, and analyzed the needs of air force cadetsin an English speaking course. The participants were 362 cadets of five classes (years 1-5) in the 2017 academic year. The instruments used to collect data in this study were two questionnaires about factors affecting confidence in speaking English and their needs in an English speaking course, and a semi-structured interview. The results revealed that cadets lacked knowledge of vocabulary and had limited opportunities to practice and speak English in the classroom and in authentic situations so they had limited confidence in speaking English. Regarding speaking in an English course, the cadets concluded that to learn English conversation in everyday life, speaking in military contexts, and speaking for presentation and for attending international conferences were necessary. The interview results demonstrated that the teacher should be good-natured and provide equal chancesfor everyone to speak. Adequate time for practicing was also found to be very important, and providingauthentic materials was crucial as it can draw cadets’ attention and make an English speaking class more interesting. Key words- English speaking confidence, need analysis, air force cadet