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The Geometry of a Screw Cycloidal Inner Gear Pump

A cycloidal gear pump can be used to an oil pump, a rotor blower, and a Wankel engine. The rotor of an oil pump with a cycloidal tooth shape has more advantages than one with an involute tooth shape. This paper presents a very general mathematical model of a screw cycloidal gear pump. A method for determining the basic profile of a screw cycloidal inner gear pump including inner rotor and outer rotor is used. In this paper, a mathematical model of the meshing principle of the outer rotor with inner rotor is established. Finally, the software package (PowerMill) is used to simulate the manufacture of a screw cycloidal pump. Results from these mathematical models should have applications in the design of a screw cycloidal pump. Keywords - Screw Cycloidal, Pum.