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Identify the Dominant Factor of Employee Motivation in Relation to Employee Performance: Generation X VS. Millenials in Indonesia

This dissertation primarily aims to find out the motivation level of Generation X and Millennials employee performance which could affect their work performance in companies and organizations. It focuses on motivation factors based on Maslow’s theory, which covers five different dimensions. The said dimensions are physiological needs, safety needs, belongingness and love needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization. The problem statement is based on the data from Central Statistics Agency which shows the importance of Millennial employees within Indonesia’s economy. A quantitative methodology was chosen and conducted to achieve the objectives of this research, with the amount of 202 respondents with equal amounts of respondents between these two generations, which are Generation X employees and Millennial employees in Indonesia. This research revealed that both generations, Generation X and Millennial employees, possess the same motivational factors as the dominating factors influencing their work performance, whereas the minor motivational factors are different for each generation. Keywords - Generation X, Millennials, Motivational Level, Employee Performance