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Measurement Framework for Smart Technology Capability in Logistics Fields

Industrial environment in keen competition of aglobal market has rapidly changed with continuous technology development and new management method to secure competitive advantage in a world market. In the fourth Industrial revolution, smart technology has been applied tooveralllogisticsfields. Logisticsindustry has built its smart technology environment appropriate for logisticsfields. The smart technology for logistics fields is very important to efficiently perform distribution business and to effectively increase its results in a smart technology environment. The smart technology capability of logisticsfields is a critical expedientfor the efficiency of its logistic activities and the improvement of its logistics performances in a global market. It has to be systematically managed and upgraded to advance the logistics business environment and reinforce its competitiveness. Hence, this study develops the reasonable measurement framework for effectively managing and advancing the smart technology capability that can efficiently support its logistics fields. The developed measurement model is verified by reliability analysis and factor analysis based on previous literature. The20-item measurement framework presented in this research can reasonably gauge a smart technology capability for logisticsfields in an entire smart technology perspective. Keywords - Logistics, Logistics Fields, Smart Technology, Smart Technology Capability, Measurement Framework.