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Childcare Facilities General Statistical Data of The European Union in Comparison to The Real Local Situation at The District of Leoben, Styria in Austria

In order to increase the proportion of women employed in the European Union, the 28 member states were invited to increase the available share of childcare facilities. Although the targets have been met across the EU, it appears that regional disparities are significant. This is not only due to the divergent sociocultural characteristics of the 28 member states, even in a small country like Austria, the regional differences are considerable. In this overview, we compare the politically request guidelines on childcare facilities and the published statistics of the EU with the actual situation in the district of Leoben, Styria, Austria. It shows that the claimed sociopolitical standards for equal opportunities for men and women are in contrast with the regional geographical and monetary opportunities. Keywords - Austria, Childcare, EU, Leoben, Styria,